Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Conspicuous - June Bug - Out soon

Conspicuous the Coroner will return in June with his third solo LP, the appropriately named June Bug. Always unafraid to air personal issues on a track, I've enjoyed pretty much everything that Cons has released previously, so I'm definitely looking forward to hearing what he has to offer this time. That said, I can't pretend that I was really feeling I'm So 90s all that much, and it seems to be included 5 times (!) in various forms on the LP... See the tracklist and production credits below:


01. Can't Get Away (Produced by M-Dot)
02. Wishes f/Jay Michaelz (Produced by S-Type)
03. Hush f/ Sir Smurf, Cobane, Shameless & TBear (Produced by Evil Ed)
04. I'm So 90's (Produced by S.Chu)
05. Pain & Misery (Produced by Shears)
06. Human Race
(Produced by AH Fly)
07. Speak To (me/you) (Produced by AH Fly)
08. Family Aint Family (Produced by Apollo & cuts by Jabba Tha Kut)
09. Ready f/Seanie T & Grimlok (Produced by Apa-Tight)
10. V.I.P (Produced by S.Chu)
11. Clarity f/Spoonface (Produced by S.Chu)
12. Echoes f/Jay Pearce-Cunningham, Cobane & Michael Groce (Produced by Apollo)

Bonus Tracks
I'm So 90's Remixes(Produced by S.Chu)

Remix 1 feat. Kyza, Skillit & Shameless
Remix 2 feat. Tor Cesay, Tempa, Lady Leshurr & No Lay
Remix 3 feat. Malik, Tony D & TBear
Remix 4 feat. Remus, Cobane, Defcee & Seanie T

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