Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Millennium Jazz Music - The Gathering

Millennium Jazz Music present The Gathering, a collection of great songs from one of the most promising stables around. The album features music from Deeflux, Slugga Tee, Awakening Dawn, Gadget, Skinnista, EdXL and Louis Unseen. If your fimiliar with MJM then you know what to expect if your not then expect dusty drums smooth jazz layers and creative concepts and content. Theres alot of solid tracks on the album although the length of the album gives way for a couple lacklustre tracks. However the vast majority bump along with ease and a splash of perfection [Great Expectations , Band Concept , Dont Cry , Get Away , Inspiration , Got Me Thinkin - nice flip of classic sample] check it out above or you can download it from HERE for a mere £5, the download also contains a interactive e-book filled with James Greenway's wonderfull art work.

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