Thursday, 28 April 2011

Mr. Witts - The 25th Hour (short review)

Even though it was released at the back end of last year, I've only recently come across this self-produced album from Gloucestershire based artist Mr. Witts. As it is now available as a free download, I would strongly recommend that you give it a try.

Whilst Witts doesn't possess the most charismatic delivery, this is a project which a lot of thought has been put into. This is particularly evident with the production, where no track is a simple loop that runs for the duration. Witts has clearly put in significant effort to try to ensure that each one of the albums 11 tracks received maximum attention. For the most part, he plays it pretty safe lyrically, although the west country accent immediately separates him from the crowd. Discussing the motivation of an underground artist (Love Not The Money), his love-life (Sing For You) and wack MCs (Rock Solid). More original concepts are to be found on The Machine, which details the intrusive nature of technology, and the spaced-out Uni-Verse.

This is far from an album without flaws, (a few of the hooks don't stand up to repeated plays, and the gust appearance of Sketchstar was ill-advised) but this is clearly a labour of love from someone who has a lot of respect for the artform. This fact will be immediately recognisable from the first listen, and clearly Mr Witts is to be applauded for that. Will I still be bumping this album at the end of the year? Probably not, but I would anticipate bigger things to come from Witts and Sleeping Dragon Records, and as this is free, you have no excuse for not checking it out yourself.


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