Saturday, 30 April 2011

MPC Forums Mixtape vol.6...Tayo & Pound

MPC Forums self titled, long running mixtape series reaches its 6th installment. Long time forum members Otayo Dubb and Poundaproblem compiled this volume and set the bar high for volume 7. With their eclectic selections they've managed to tick all the boxes the previous mixtapes didnt. The addition of mixing the project provides a more cohesive product, W.Steele does well to blend and chop the tracks without disturbing the flow of the mixtape and mercifully uses minimal tagging . The tracks vary from smooth instrumental to energetic bangers producing a healthy range of styles, no suprises here just traditional beats and rhymes. Although I can skip a few of the tracks on the project the bulk of the mixtape provides some authentic head nod hip hop, bumping along and sharing a glimpse of the talent that MPC Forums has in its ranks. Listen on the mini player below or get it for free HERE from the series' bandcamp page you can also check out the previous, somewhat hit and miss, 5 volumes and vistit the forum for advice, sharing and networking by clicking on the 1st pretty blue word above.

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