Sunday, 3 April 2011

Freedom Of Press tear it up on The Bottomless Crates Radio Show (Audio D...

The Bottomless Crates Radio show have had some great live sessions lately including Freedom Of Press catch the second part here and the third part here from  Freedom of Press where you can catch new music aswell as tunes from last years Yet To Verify ep which you can download from here for free.
Other great live sessions on the crates included Dweller and Blah Records very own Bill Shakes and King Grubb part 1 and part 2 be sure to get Bill's ep out now.
Another great one was Gremi,Sammy Dowlas and Sammy Maracas,check part 1 here and all the other parts here and all the other live sessions here and subscribe and spread those great links and tune in every wednesday 9 till 11 for the best hiphop and random madness.
Shout out to Dave,Ian and Namman of the Crates for making it happen and all the artists to.

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