Friday, 15 April 2011

'Thoughts Released (Revelation 1) - M.C. Mell'O' (album review)

Re-releasing old music, at a guess, must be pretty big business; take a good old album, re-package it, re-master it etc and then sell it to new customers as well as the old ones who only have it on vinyl – sounds like a plan, eh?

What if you’re re-releasing UK Hip Hop from the early 90s? Does it still work?

I’m one of those Hip Hop fans who can appreciate the contribution of the older stuff (i.e. 80s and early 90s rap) but rarely listens to all but the very best of it. And what makes the best the best? The fact that it’s timeless; it always sounds fresh and although it’s of its time it isn’t dated.

Thankfully, Original Dope have picked a good ‘un with MC Mell’O’’s ‘Thoughts Released (Revelation 1)’. Right from opener ‘Our Time’ you understand why MC Mell’O’ was in demand as a support act for the very biggest 80s/90s artists – there is something accomplished and rounded about his music, both in the production and the lyrics. You also realise that this is an album which you shouldn’t overlook.

‘Our Time’, ‘A Total Eclipse of the Art’, ‘All Terrain M.C.s’ with Sparki, the poppy and uber-positive ‘Open Up Your Mind’ and ‘The Boss’-sampling ‘Subtraction’ are the standout tracks from the original track list. Despite being of good quality, the six bonus tracks are a credit to whoever decided on the original track list – many artists today could learn a thing or two about what to leave on the cutting room floor.

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