Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Scorzayzee - War To The Puzzle

In preparation for his debut album, Peace To The Puzzle (which has been 'coming soon' for an eternity...), Scorz drops this 10 track EP, War To The Puzzle (see what he did there...) as an appetiser. Little pre-album warm-ups like this are often a little hit and miss, but this isn't too bad at all, and is a clear step up in class from the rather lacklustre free-download mixtapes he's dropped in the last year or so. A couple of tracks on here, such as the introspective opener Beastwick, are absolutely classic Scorz. Whilst on White Widow he details his fight to stay free from Drugs. My only real gripe here is occasionally with the production, as some of it strays quite far from the sort of hardcore Styly-Cee bangers that you may have been used to hearing Scorz spit over back in the day.

However, the prime purpose of this release is to make sure that we're all still aware that Scorzayzee is amongst the most fearsome spitters this country has to offer, and this is achieved with ease. The album, if and when it eventually drops, should be even better, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that... But for now, this is well worth a whole 3 of your hard earned.

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