Tuesday, 12 August 2008

'Candlelight' - Sir Smurf Lil'

The only reason why I haven't shared this with y'all yet is that I've been way too selfish to share. Sometimes when you get a good thing you just keep it to yourself, like a kid with a secret sweetie stash. Sir Smurf's 'Candlelight' has been in my unknown bag of bon bons for a few weeks now and its still as sweet. But don't get me wrong, it aint sickly.

'Candlelight' features Huddersfield's finest beatmaker, Apa-Tight of Groundwurq (see also Jack Flash's latest LP) and it's a reflective yet not-down-in-the-doldrums slice of classic Hip Hop. For something with lyrics this realistically gritty, it's very lighthearted - more artists should strive for this combination. The partnership of Apa-Tight's breezy production and Sir Smurf's how-it-is lyrics is a relief to my ears - there's only so much happy Hip Hop with nothing to say and sad depressing rap that one can handle!

The flipside (not that CD's or mp3's have flipsides) features T Bear and Big Cakes and is based around an argument as to who has the silliest rap moniker. No not really. It's actually about the sound of the police/beast and once again, production credits go to Apa-Tight. This pairing seems to be a winner as this track is entirely different yet equally as good.

This is only the beginning of what YNR have got coming to ya this year so watch this space for some more excellent Hip Hop from some of the biggest names in UK Rap. It seems there are quite a few albums in the pipelines from Kashmere (yes, another one!), Jehst, sir Smurf Lil' and others.

Both of these tracks can be heard on Suspect Packages July show.

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