Saturday, 30 August 2008

Some UK Heat

Miss Tofelees - 'How Long' ft Smokio - A pretty funny track based around a nice straight-foward rock sample. Miss Tofelees is a lady producer from Leeds and Smokio is a man rapper from the midlands. Every guy can relate to this; it's about girlfriends taking too long to get ready - "Get a move on, it's nearly Christmas".

Foreign Beggars - 'Hold On' (M-Phazes Remix) - The original is probably my favourite Foreign Beggars track and this one is just as nice, a little more chilled than the original but Orifice Vulgatron keeps it gully enough - "Are you reallyreallyreallyreally from the ends?".

Pitman - Witness The Pitness - Yup you guessed a 'version' of Roots Manuva's 'Witness (1 Hope)' by a coal miner. Simple eh? And probably the rudest and funniest man in UK Hip Hop too - "But I'm OK, I've got my toast//I'm going to me mam to get a Sunday roast".

Lewis Parker - Wonderwall - Recorded and released in 1995, it's a 'Wonderwall' cover.

Lewis Parker - Rooftop Drama and Lewis Parker - Night Vision - Both taken from his limited edition 'Sniper Beats' album. These are awesome tracks, the names sum them up perfectly so if you're an MC with no beat and a loss of inspiration, why not let Lewis Parker help? Concept tracks all the way.


SniperInTheMist said...

LEWIS PARKER = GOD on beats.

simple as.

D:Bo said...

Yo the fileden is out of bandwisth

Aidan said...

Will re-up as soon as.