Thursday, 28 August 2008

'Inner City Got Plenty Cases' - Million Dan (single review)

I'm not going to say too much about Million Dan's next single from the excellent 'Spektrum' album. When I reviewed the album I said this: "‘Inner City Got Plenty Cases’ is brilliant social commentary and warning but is surprisingly upbeat and breezy, it’s also got the type of name a Silent Eclipse track would have..." and it's still the same track, not much has changed!

What I will say is that, alongside guys like Blak Twang, Million Dan is standing up, using his prominence and telling yout' dem what they need to hear. He sees through what some blame as problems and highlights some of the real foundations for social decay. This is what the UK needs at a time when teenage pregnancy rates are high, when knife crime is on the rise and when alcohol and drug abuse is becoming more socially acceptable.

'Inner City Got Plenty Cases' is out on Million Dappa Records on September the 8th and is taken from the already huge 'Spektrum' which has just been re-released with extra tracks and a DVD. I haven't seen or heard that Special Edition yet but it's sure to be fire. Check out the video on youtube and also check the vids for 'Spektrum Ride' and 'Mic Chek' whilst you're there. The latter is bare entertaining!

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