Tuesday, 19 August 2008

'Judgement Day' - The Thunderclaps (single review)

Oh my word! Banger of the year? It could well be, nothing else this heavy springs to mind. The Thunderclaps have chosen their name with such precision that one of the only ways you can describe 'Judgement Day' is thunderous, that's if you can pick your jaw up from the floor and form words.

The Thunderclaps are a British production outfit and their new track 'Judgement Day' features Orifice Vulgatron (of the legendary Foreign Beggars), Shameless and Ghetto. This is the UK version of a collaboration (imaginary of course) between M.O.P., Busta Rhymes and DMX at their most ferocious. Musically The Thunderclaps give Carl Orff a marathon for his money. This is epic, cinematic, screw-your-face-up, full scale drama on wax.

The combination of these three MC's couldn't get any better - it transcends UK genre and produces something more powerful than either side could create on their own. Ghetto is THE best, nay, the ONLY MC worth listening to in the new wave of British MC's with Grime roots. Orifice has fully paid his dues and has always done things differently to others. Shameless has recently brought the rock and live influence into UK Rap. They are all hungry, vicious rappers and together they make this track blisteringly terrifying (in the nicest possible way!).

If this track needed any more endorsement, here it is: DJ Yoda introduced his Fabriclive mix CD with the instrumental to this track. Can't say better than that. 'Judgement Day' is out now on All City and Ejectorseat Records and can be gotten for a fiver on 12". Do it. The track can be heard on their myspace page.


Anonymous said...

MASSIVE TUNE!! heard it on myspace.com/thunderclapsmusic

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Blaggard said...

Yes yes this tune is proper heavy. got my 12" on orda. Lookin forward to rinsin it like no other.