Thursday, 28 August 2008

Of some interest...

It's about time again that I just post a few tracks up for you, mainly in the non-UK Hip Hop mould. Yes, occasionally I do listen to US Rap, here is some of it:

Two new tracks from Guru: 'Who Got It On Lock' featuring Doo-Wop and 'Knowledge' featuring Lord Tariq. 'Who Got It On Lock', produced by Solar is so 90's which is perfectly fine by me and 'Knowledge' is...well, quite 90's sounding as well. Also fine. Lyrics and flow are classic Guru.

Esoteric made an album in 2007 entirely using Gary Numan samples. The album is 'Pterodactyl Tubeway' and it's pretty cool. 'Deathless Fascination' samples Tubeway Army's 'Are Friends Electric' (Yes, the one the Sugababes sampled too when they mashed that up with Adina Howard's 90's-tastic R'n'B hit, 'Freak Like Me') and it's about stupid girls.

Last year Statik Selektah released his album 'Spell My Name Right' which featured mad guests. 'No Mistakes Allowed' features Doug E Fresh, Tony Touch, Scram Jones, DP-One, DG GI-Joe, DJ Revolution and Esoteric! It's a simple break with an old school vibe. Perfect.

Madlib has a new album just about to drop entitled 'WLIB AM: King of The Wigflip'. It also has bare guests such as Guilty Simpson, Murs, Prince Po and Defari amongst others. You're officially allowed to hear 'The Ox (805)' which features MED and Poke but since I totally love it here's 'Gamble on Ya Boy' which is a funkfest blessed by the golden tones of Defari - gotta get some albums by this don.

Some real old school 90's stuff now from Kool G Rap and DJ Polo from their 1995 set '4,5,6'. The track 'Money on my Brain' samples Herbie Hancock's awesome jazz-funk experiment 'Chameleon' as well as featuring MF Grimm and B1.

Web is a new artist attempting to break the scene. Currently he is releasing a track a week through blogs and the like from his album 'It'll Be Alright, Book One'. The best one so far is 'Get Over (Prologue)' which samples the Diana Ross track 'Love Hangover', which I posted on here not so long ago. Preview the album here or buy it here.

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