Tuesday, 26 August 2008

'Seasons' - Eliphino (free EP download)

This is a little late, but I couldn't get the download myself when I first found out about it, something to do with Zshare being a temperamental beast. Well now I've got it and I'm telling you about it because it's coolness.

Eliphino is a Leeds man who DJ's, makes sick beats and generally just chills out looking fresh. He works with the 9 Livez Clik and has been signed to First Word Records who have re-released Eliphino's album 'Out of Phase' which is available from them for peanuts (aka £4.99 for download). If you're feeling special then itunes sell it for £7.99. Donkeys.

Anyways, enough of the pound signs. You're here for the freeness ent ya? Well go here and click on the link and bag yourself 10 tracks of etheral goodness. Whether you're an MC who wants some original beats (influenced by J Dilla) or one of those heads who loves a soundtrack for a horizontal afternoon then you'll find what you need here for the princely sum of nowt (as Eliphino would no doubt say).

If you want to know my favourite track then I'll tell you it's 'Break Up' (shame it's short) and you can play it right now in the soon-to-be legendary Certified Banger flash player. I also like the niceness of 'I Like it Yo', an inventive name if I ever heard one.

Eliphino - I Like It Yo.mp3
Eliphino - Break Up.mp3

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