Thursday, 14 August 2008

'Smell the Tea' - Kuelz (single review)

Right from the title of this track you get an inkling that this isn't just another London kid rapping about guns and ends. You also guess it's not just another London kid rapping against rapping about guns and ends. The title makes clear that the song is going to be at least mildly interesting and that the MC has some idea about wordplay.

'Smell the Tea' is essentially a break up song. OK, so we've had a few of those in UK Hip Hop and about 7 million in other genres but this one is quite fresh. Firstly, it's evident that Kulez has some battle experience; the way he flings metaphorical insults is amusing. 'Smell the Tea' is a pragmatic view on a relationship that everyone can relate to (unless you've never had a girlfriend that is).

The homebrewed production comes courtesy of Nutty P who is no amateur in this game. Having produced for the likes of Sway, Shola Ama, Big Brovaz and many more he's fully experienced at making great tunes. The live sounding drums and the interweaving piano and strings on 'Smell the Tea' evoke the sad but good feeling of breaking up with someone who's not right for you.

This track is available now on itunes. Go get it for a few meagre pence.

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