Monday, 11 August 2008

'Heaven' - Dap-C

If 'Heaven' is anything to go by, 'Street Karma' by North-East spitter Dap-C is a great CD. Heaven features Mr. Drastick and Stylah and is produced by Dirty Sweet, as is the rest of the album. This is on some straight up, head nod vibes and Dap-C actually raps last, an unusual move but one which works.

He's also been busy with other stuff too. Check out this video with Geejay for his track 'Fresh' and whilst you're there you can click some more links for more Dap-C vids.

Dap-C has also made last years 'The Richest Misfit' mixtape available for absolutely nowt. That means its free so download it, ya can't go wrong!

'Street Karma' features big names like Blak Twang, Fallacy, Skinnyman, Lewis Parker (and the list goes on) so you know with support like that it can't be bad. Stay tuned here if you need more convincing, I may review it if I get a copy!

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