Wednesday, 17 March 2010

'The Best Of... On The Radar' - Coming Soon!

Some of you will know, some of you who are a little newer to Certified Banger, may not.

'On The Radar' was a series of free-to-download compilations that Certified Banger put together within the space of one year. The idea was to get the music of fairly unknown UK Hip Hop artists in the ears of those who care about real, underground music. The series gained in popularity and 'On The Radar' snowballed. Volume 5 was officially the last release in the series...until now.

'The Best Of... On The Radar' will be the conclusion of the series. It will take all the best tracks, mix, blend, juggle and scratch them into a real mixtape style format. What we want to know is; which are your favourite tracks? Email me, comment on this wherever you are reading it and let us know which tracks you want to see on there.

If you've not yet downloaded the series - get cracking. All the pictures above will take you to the download links. A quick search on the internet will turn up alternative links too for those struggling with rapidshare.

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