Wednesday, 3 March 2010

'Devil May Cry' - IronBraydz (review)

With legendary DJ Marley Marl getting really excited about this, ALL you fans of Hip Hop should be sitting up to listen. The 'this' I refer to is IronBraydz's debut solo LP 'Devil May Cry'.

It's fairly different in sound and style to his group Blind Alphabetz's 'Luvolution' which had a very summery, jazzy vibe to it. This release features darker, grittier production and the seriousness dial has been turned up a few notches. Religious ideas and socioeconomic concerns meld to provide subject matter perfect for fans of those who he rolls with - M9 and Cyrus Malachi, for example, who both feature on this release.

'Savin Artillery' features the mighty Guilty Simpson and Sav Killz over a suitably Detroit-ish wonky production from Proppa. 'Death Machine' utilises Lewis Parker's 'Rooftop Drama' (from his 'Sniper Beats' CD) and for that reason alone it's totally dope. The self-produced 'Feelings From The Heart' brings the dusty jazziness as Braydz reminisces about his father - a beautiful thing.

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