Wednesday, 17 March 2010

'Cuttin' It Fine' - DJ Roast (review)

Hip Hop with scratching? Yes please. Not only does DJ Roast get down behind the boards on ‘Cuttin’ It Fine’, he also gets loose on the cuts – something we should hear more of on UK releases. Roast’s production is in the classic sampled loop-based dust-fest vein with added grit and East Coast style funk. There isn’t a bad beat on here – all of them hit hard.

With a supporting cast of rappers Teef, Nemesis & Arrogance, Triggs Vega, Phoenix da Icefire, Cyrus Malachi, Genesis Ellijah, Stig & Syntax, Skandal, Brad Strut and Ramson Badbonez most UK Hip Hop fans will know what to expect from this line up of new school (but old school influenced) MCs.

Teef’s contributions really stand out – this guy is a really entertaining spitter with unconventional flows and a whole load of witticisms – check ‘News Flash’ and ‘Paper Mache’ for his solo tracks. ‘Vagina Monologue Two’ featuring Cyrus Malachi and D21 gets the skip button from me – I just don’t want to hear details of another guy’s sexual exploits. Surprisingly, I can’t really get with Stig and Syntax’s ‘Wasters Inc’ – maybe ‘cause I just can’t relate to what they’re saying (even if it is slightly tongue in cheek?) – some of you will be able to so it’ll probably become your anthem. ‘Trading Darts’ (also featuring Cyrus) sounds as fresh as it did on ‘On The Radar Vol. 5’ where it was debuted and tracks like ‘Ghostown’ and ‘2012’ provide social commentary. ‘Playtime’s Over’ is a intimidating and broody triple threat from Skandal, Brad Strut and Ramson Badbonez.

‘Cuttin’ It Fine’ is must-have for UK Hip Hop heads who are already fans of the guest MCs. It’s available now from Suspect Packages for only £4.99. Go to the amazing Bandcamp website now to hear the whole thing!

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