Wednesday, 24 March 2010

'Retro Luv' - Kasha (free download)

'On The Radar' artist Kasha has never been one for conformity. His latest mixtape 'Retro Luv' confirms to nothing or no one. Its subtitle is 'Reinventing the Mixtape' and he really has.

'Retro Luv' features tracks by Kool and the Gang, The Brooklyn, Bronx And Queen
Band, Ralph Tresvant, Anita Baker, En Vogue, Tevin Campbell, Joyce Sims and Dr. Hook amongst others. Kasha takes cues from the originals and lets loose lyrically although he does let each track air out meaning that you get to hear a fair chunk of each of these classic, upbeat (and sometimes slightly cheesy) tunes. This mixtape will make you want more Kasha and it also should inspire you to check out some of the original tracks.

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