Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Mystro Interview

"If you do constantly write you end up saying the same thing and that’s what you hear from people who claim they write all the time."

On Saturday night Mystro graced Leeds with his presence as he performed at the Golden Mic Challenge's first round. With a less than adequate sound system (no monitors) Mystro rocked the stage, the crowd and everything else with a set combining old and new material (really dope new material) and afterwards agreed to do an interview with Certified Banger:

Certified Banger: Ok, we don’t need the basics; everyone on the site should know who you are already.

Mystro: Hopefully!

CB: You’ve just come back from Australia and New Zealand. What’ve you been doing there?

Mystro: Just causing more trouble really man. I had to do a festival called Splore in NZ and around that we managed to hook up a few more gigs in Auckland, Wellington. We flew to Australia to do Sydney, Brisbourne and Melbourne just to make it more of a trip. You go all that way, man, it’s gotta be done. I did a bit of writing too but I was just thinking of you lot in the snow really! I went there and did a tour, promoted the ‘F.D.T.’ EP and it went well man. I got some interest for future releases later on in the year to get out in NZ and Oz in terms of distribution and licensing so I’m definitely happy about that.

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