Wednesday, 3 March 2010

'Land of the Lost' - No-Change (free download)

From its moving orchestral introduction to its positive advisory closing ‘Land of the Lost’ is worth every penny of the price of an LP. The only thing is, Crackhouse have made the surprising decision to let this one go for free for the purposes of profile building. I had to double check with the management on this shocking decision – this is absolute quality for absolutely nothing!

Don’t be fooled by No-Change’s laid back, sing song rap style – he’s not soft. He’s been through things many will never experience and his music is a heartfelt reflection of his life. The production (from Mike D – probably one of the UK’s most versatile and unrestrained producers) combines sparse electro drums with live piano and guitar licks and solos whereas elsewhere Rhodes organs, synths lean up against Dirty South-esque drum patterns.

'With Out You' is a deeply honest song on which No-Change raps about the mistakes of history and how they impact us now. 'Let's Go' featuring Aiwan is a lively pastiche of reggae, those old Neptunes-style guitar strums and percussive rhythms - hotness.

Despite the subject matter (drugs, mistakes, love, life) ‘Land of the Lost’ has a real good time vibe which is always reflected in a live No-Change show. He’s supporting Gift Of Gab in his native Leeds on Tuesday 9th March. Download this now and then get to the show if you can!

For an interview with the man head over to my man Analogue's blog Straight Out Leodis.

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Anonymous said...

native leeds? U might wanna do your research coz this 'man' was brought up in cheshire. This guy has never had a hard life as you say, his laid back aproach is probably because he is on one of the many illegal drugs he cant live without. He was neva homeless, he always had a home to stay at including his dads even tho he robbed him. He always stayed at friends houses and got nicknamed the termite coz he ate you out of house and home! I know im one of those ex friends who this happened to, including havin money robbed. He music isnt any reflection on his life at all. Why release this for free for 'profile building' when he has released other albums? How many more does he need to release before he realises his unresponsive lyrics along with the homosexual tone to his voice doesnt go!? Seems like he is still scrounging off everyone to pay for his way thru life as he always has done. Sad really how his life is just one big lie and a waste of life. Bet you cant even remember you own name now can you? Well heres a reminder nicholas rafferty, as your mc name says, youll never change.....peace.