Monday, 29 March 2010

'Struggla' ft. Rodney P, Kardinal Offishal & Skibadee - Skitz (free download)

A couple of weeks ago we dropped the info on the new Skitz album. Well, now there are leaks so you can actually check out some of the big tracks yourself:

'Born Inna System' featuring Buggsy has been knocking around for a few days (and has been officially leaked now) and there's also a Prime Cuts Remix that you can get too.

The latest to drop (and I might just be the first to leak it) is 'Struggla' featuring Rodney P, Kardinal Offishal and Skibadee. Along with that there is an Engine-Earz remix. I'm a big fan of anything Rodney P's on and this one doesn't disappoint as he gets back with his old partner in crime and two fellow patois-spitting MCs. Nice up.

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