Thursday, 18 March 2010

'New Day' - Chima Anya (album review)

Proving that Hip Hop can be pushed forward without resorting to corny gimmicks, ringtone beats and zero-content is Chima Anya’s debut solo LP ‘New Day’. Chima also demonstrates that forward thinking can be inspired by reminiscing about ‘the good old days’. With more charisma than most of the UK’s MCs put together, a love of Hip Hop classics and more than a clue of what makes a good track Mr. Anya brings what will be one of the Hip Hop releases of the year.

Kicking things off properly is ‘Spell It Out’ a fast paced funk fuelled B.E.A.S.T which features Chima just illing out, saying how good he is and absolutely proving it – entertainment. Hot on it’s heels is ‘The Realness’; a squelchy, slow head nodder containing Chima’s lyrical manifesto whereas ‘I Choose You’ is a straight up honest, love song with absolutely no cringe-factor whatsoever.

‘Hey’ is a minimalistic, percussion led track (like Busta Rhymes’ ‘Touch It’ but with more variety and just way better) which once again sees Chima’s cheeky ego taking centre stage with much aplomb. Title track ‘New Day’ is as upbeat as things come and Soweto Kinch does nothing but add to the feel of the album. Jehst pops up on ‘It’s The Manner’ – another quality track. ‘Paid For’ sees the release turn a corner – this is as serious as the other tracks are fun. Chima’s experience as a doctor comes though powerfully on this one.

‘New Day’ represents more than just that, it symbolizes new hope; fresh optimism for the Hip Hop scene. It’s out on 10th May, which I know is a while away, on Phoenix Down. You have to buy it.

Chima supported Brother Ali at London’s Cargo last night and will be hosting the release party for this album at Camden’s Barfly on 9th April! Get to that and you just get your hands on the album sooner than you think!

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