Monday, 8 March 2010

'Taurus' - Myke Forte (free download)

More than just another beat tape is Myke Forte's next instalment in the Zodiac series: 'Taurus'. OK, so it is a selection of just beats devoid of any vocals but that's all it needs to be. Mr. Forte creates beats so alluring and powerful that you'll be going into a trance over your washing-up.

Things kick off with 'Layers (Beautiful)' which in itself made me want to ensure that the whole lot was listened to. With his typical wonky new style sound blazing the way the challenge is: rap to this if you can. Although I love these compositions in their won right (and I may have said this before) I urge the UK's high calibre MCs to sit up, take notice and pay this guy to produce your next LP - yes, your whole album. Dopeness - serious.

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