Monday, 29 September 2008

'The A Loop Theory Mix Tape' - Asaviour & DJ IQ (free download)

New hotness from the Hudd's Asaviour: 'The A Loop Theory Mix Tape'. It's mixed by UK Hip Hop wonderboy DJ IQ (who Asaviour is collaborating with on the forthcoming 'The A Loop Theory' album) and 'up and coming Brighton based super producer Hal 1200'.

They've messed around with a whole host of sounds ranging from dubstep (Benga and Skream) to Southern US rap ('Swagger Like Us'). It also includes one of my favourite tunes of this year; 'Beefy' and other tasters of the album.

Go here to see the tracklisting (it features Kyza, TB, Jehst and Apa-Tight) and is totally free. Get yours by clicking here.

for more Saving Grace gratuities check these beasts:

Asaviour - 'The Aim'

Tranquill - 'Deadly Winters' (Produced by DJ IQ)

Ebony Bones- 'We Know All About You' (T-Bear Remix)

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