Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Regional Accent Awards

Check out my man Tom's new blog - http://theraas.blogspot.com/.

It seeks to correctly recognise those Brits who have an accent, are proud of it and champion it all across the world in the media.

The categories are as follow: Best male accent, Best female accent, Best newcomer, Biggest flip-flop, Fakest/Most put-on accent and Best overall regional accent.

The big award is:

The Sean Bean award for outstanding achievement in the field of regional accent promotion.

Get yourselves over there right now and innundate him with nominations of Brit rappers with broad accents.

1 comment:

Tommoyo said...

Forgot to put different categories like musician, actor, presenter etc.

What other categories do you reckon?

Thanks for the support! It's gonna be big!