Wednesday, 10 September 2008

'Saturday Night Hustle' ft. Lemar - Sway (video)

Here's the video to Sway's poptastic new track, the lead single from the forthcoming 'Signature LP' ("out very soon", or so he said in January!). It features Lemar, pretty much the UK's biggest male R'n'B voice and it'll be criminal if this doesn't find itself pumping through housewives' radios up and down old Blighty.

If you get mixed up whilst you watch the video, Lemar is the one with thinner eyes. Remember Sway's lyric on 'Harvey Nicks' by The Mitchell Brothers? "A little girl with a pen ran up to me and said I know who you are//But when I gave her my autograph she said 'mum, is this how you spell Lemar?'".

Sway remains his good entertaining self, true to form despite the bubblegum leanings of this track. I'm not too cool to hate on this and neither should you be. Get gearing for the album!

Check his myspace, especially for the Jukey remix, better than the original? Maybe.

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