Thursday, 25 September 2008

Another Way To Get a Few Free Tracks @ Amie Street

Click here this time and register to get $5 worth of downloads.

Amie Street is a little different to your normal download website. The tracks, when uploaded, are free but the more people download them, the more worth they are given. As the download count goes up so does the price, although each track is capped at 98 cents.

If you're in the US, count yourself lucky, you could download a whole host of albums from UK Hip Hop artists such as TY and Roots Manuva. If you live in the UK and want my recommendation as to what you should buy with your free dollars then look no further than Common Market's masterpiece 'Tobacco Road'. You won't be able to buy the whole thing but if you click on the Common Market link at the bottom of this post there a few tracks there, downloadable courtesy of me and the records label. Those tracks will set you off and you can then download nearly all of the rest of the album!

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