Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Change to HHC Tour in Leeds - 17th October

Changes have been made to the Leeds leg of the Hip-Hop Connection 20th Anniversary Tour. The changes are mainly due to a Leeds promoter (who shall remain nameless) who threw a bit of a wobbly when he discovered what promises to be an amazing night of UK Hip Hop clashed with his night; a Belleruche gig. As a result, the date has changed t0 the 17th of Octoberbut stay tuned to get that confirmation.

Also, Jehst has pulled out of the night due to complications but will be performing at New Bohemia on the 11th of October.

So now, there is no Jehst performance, but in his place Jack Flash is playing alongside Million Dan, Stig of the Dump & Dr. Syntax, Klashnekoff and Baby J is playing host for the night.

Go here to see my original post on this event. Click on the artist's names below to get a taster of what you can expect from this night.

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