Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Blogging: The Gift And The Curse pt. 2

Yo peeps, personal message here:

I've been properly inundated with free CD's and mp3's of late and for this I am grateful; big up to all those guys and girls who've been keeping my ears busy. As a result I've got really behind on my album reviews - something I hope to address. I also got married in July so I have a little less time to slob out with rap albums blaring (but by no means is my wife opposed to this!) so that's contributed a bit to the dip in album reviews. Work's pretty busy too so all in all the time I have to give is slimmer than before.

As a result, I've decided to make my reviews really concise - 200 words or so. This should make them easier to read and it also tests my abilities as a reviewer... I'm all about the self progression! I intend to make a dent in the massive pile of CD's this evening so hopefully over the next few days I'll have some reviews to upload.

The last couple have months have seen me questioning the motive behind Certified Banger. It began as a typical blog - I posted music I loved from all genre's - but has now been honed into a site very specifically dedicated to Hip Hop and particularly UK Hip Hop. Many artists and PR guys have reached out to me as the site has grown which has brought me to question my motives. The main question is: 'Am I here to get all UK Hip Hop out there or am I here to let you know which UK Hip Hop is worth it's weight in gold?'.

This is a question that could be re-worded to ask: 'Am I here for the artist or here for the listener?'. I'd like to think the answer is simply 'both'. I want to get UK Hip Hop artists known across the country and across the globe but I don't want to lie about it, if it aint hot, I don't want you spending your money on it and I don't want peeps to tar all UKHH with a bad brush.

I'm in a difficult positition - I want to help hardworking artists and promoters but I also want you to spend your hard-earned on the right stuff and I want everyone to know that the UK can produce the quality Hip Hop that the world needs.

I will always strive to be honest - finding good and bad in everything so that everyone knows the truth.

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