Tuesday, 30 September 2008

HHC Tour Leeds Cancelled

This will be going out tonight Blak Twang is 100% on and I'm working to bring some exciting acts up to Leeds for a Saturday night show at the end of Nov / Start December.

We tried, they failed!

So here you have it people, we've tried our damned hardest to bring Hip-Hop Connection and their 20th Anniversary celebrations to Leeds but, for a number of reasons that include a lack of communication, a lack of organisation and a lack of understanding from people who are in the game for only one thing, money. Being the kind of respectful trio we are and to appease others, we moved the date twice but it came to light that even this wasn't enough. So, as a final gentlemanly gesture we changed the date a third and last time (which again wasn't good enough).

We then received emails with threats of 'if I have to, I'll tell this artist and that artist not to play', below the belt childish bully tactics that did nothing but make us hungrier. So we started on a long journey down the winding road called hip-hop politics. Where the days of getting everyone together for a good old beat infused celebration seems to have been replaced with money hungry, self obsessed, child like people who enjoy talking out of their rear end.

Moving on now and we have the farce that is the Anniversary itself.

Just like all of you that kindly, and wisely, bought the event tickets in advance, we thought that this night was going to run rather smoothly. Oh, how wrong could we have been! The flyers have been re-designed twice & sent to print along with a mass of posters and other HHC related goodies.Then, we received an email that Baby J (who had arranged his album launch date to go off in London a good two months ago) was double booked and that Million Dan (who again had this planned a time before the HHC tour) was kickin' it with Baby J on the evening of the launch party which yes, you guessed it, was on the 17th October.

This would have put many a people's nose out of joint but we spoke to each other and decided to plough on through the turmoil and try work out the kinks, after all, we still had Stig of the Dump, Dr. Syntax, Jack Flash and the crowd puller that is Klashnekoff. So we made a trip out on Friday night to watch a good friend in Mr. Thing and his vocal partner Yungun. We gave out flyers to all that were interested and it has to be said, all who weren't. We left at 4am in a very positive frame of mind. Then we awoke to the final knife in the back, the one that has left a scar. We received an email that informed us that Stig and Syntax had pulled out of the Leeds date. Our feelings started with anger but quickly changed to disappointment.

So there you have it, we tried and they failed. We were like 3 hip-hop salmons swimming against the tide… out of pocket and out of patience.

We apologise to all who have been let down, we feel your dissatisfaction and we realise that you, like us, were really looking forward to this event. We have had to pull out now, we have spent so much time and money promoting something that was never meant to be that now we just want to get back to doing what we do best, staying in control and bringing you artists that really want to play for us and you.

Keep it real and watch this space,

Leeds Hip-Hop Scene

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