Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Sway Live (It's Back!)

Much thanks to Thomas, the little write up of Sway's appearance in Leeds is back:

Last night I caught Sway performing at the Mint Club, Leeds. After sitting through a couple of hours of mindless R'n'B 'hits' (seriously, I can't even recognise music in that genre as R'n'B now) I managed to get crushed up against the front barrier by a load of screaming girls when Sway hit the stage at around half past midnight.

Sway performed 'This is my Demo' the lead track from his first LP of the same name. He dropped the news that he is now signed officially to Akon's Kon Live label in the US and performed, for the first time, the first verse and chorus of a new track recorded with Akon. The crowd, who are evidently Sway's target audience for collaborations such as this, went generally wild over the whole Akon/Konvict news. I didn't like the track but it'll probably smash in both countries if the adoring female fans are anything to go by.

Sway also performed a new track called 'Taxi' which sounded a little more promising but the best track performed from the new LP was 'Say It Twice' an entertaining concept that Sway pulls off with much aplomb.

Sway and Junior Dcypha also passed out a few physical copies of his new mixtape 'The Signature Mixtape' meant as a promotional tool for the forthcoming 'The Signature LP', now to be released on October 6th. You can get a download of this mix by going to http://www.sway.uk.com/ and filling in your details.

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This is what all of us were expecting!!! Finally our dreams came true!