Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Congrats to Jack Flash - EOW Champ!

From Hip Hop Village (Cheers!):

On 20th September 2008, Huddersfield emcee Jack Flash took part in, and won the UK final of the End of The Weak rap battle against three other extremely talented English artists. Up against Dubbledge, Arkaic and M9, and with Chester P (Taskforce), Jehst and Reain as judges, it was always going to be a tough competition. Preceding a smashing performance from Immortal Technique, Joell Ortiz and DJ Kid Capri, all competitors showed the nature of the UK's ability to rock the mic.

After some hard fought rounds [including accapella, MC vs. DJ and the grab bag round], Jack Flash eventually took the title with his trademark ferocity and undeniable stage presence. Flash will be competing for the UK against the planets finest emcees in the world EOW final, to be held in London on a date TBC in December.

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