Monday, 15 September 2008

'Sick Day' ft. Craig G - L.G.P (video)

L.G.P. (Lidget Green Project) make the trans-Atlantic leap with the track 'Sick Day'. It features Queens legend Craig G, original Juice Crew member. L.G.P. hails from Boogie Down Bradford, West Yorks - right on my doorstep, and is on DMB records - Defying Musical Boundaries. The frantic hi-hats and the jump-up juddering sample suit the frustration of having to work a soul destroying day job in order to fund ones dreams; the subject of Craig's rhymes.

L.G.P. obviously aim to make the record label's name their mission statement as previous single 'Trusted (Lying B**ch)' featured Guilty Simpson on mic duties. The next release on the label also features Guilty Simpson on a track called 'Guilt Trip' so watch for that.

Both tracks are available on itunes; 'Sick Day' and 'Trusted'.

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