Saturday, 3 July 2010

'Back To The Sagas' - Klashnekoff (review)

As far as I'm concerned ‘Back To The Sagas’ doesn’t have its own ‘It’s Murda’ - let’s just clear that up before we begin this review. It’s all too easy for fans to force artists to live in the shadow of their greatest work but this shouldn’t be.

The fact is, Klashekoff has created a superior album which runs circles around most of the UK’s Hip Hop output. It’s his lyrical propensity that does it – Klash is a gifted MC possessing each gift needed for success: passion, delivery, lyricality… I could go on. Klash’s words are easy to tune into and because of this listening to any track is an entertaining thing.

Perhaps the track many Klash fans wanted to hear was the one which explains certain things that happened in the last few years – ‘Back To The Sagas Intro’, wisely Klash does this then gets on with things. ‘Tek Time’, ‘Music Game’, ‘Klash Anthem’ and the leaked ‘Paper Up’ all stand out although it’s much better to see this album as a whole; it’s more like one long track just with different rhythms, hooks, melodies and tempos.

‘Back To The Sagas’ is available now as a download and the CD will be out later on this month.

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