Monday, 19 July 2010

'My Heart Beats: Remixes and Versions' - Natural Self (review)

A few months ago I wrote a review of Natural Self's 'My Heart Beats Like A Drum' for issue 03 of Bonafide Magazine (if you don't know, get to know).

Now the remix package has come through and it's a blinder, and probably more suited to some of my readers here. Whilst it isn't Hip Hop, or at least, it isn't Rap, it has beats that all you should admire.

the track 'Midnight Sun' gets a thorough going over with 4 remixes in total - 2 from King Tubby and 2 from Jeremy Sole. All are Reggae affairs, suitable for the sunny parts of these sunny days, although King Tubby's 'Prince Fatty Dub' is, erm, Dubbed-out, and Jeremy Sole's 'Sans Drums Mix' is more on the Swing/Jazz end of things - all good anyway.

'The Origin' gets hit by the remix sticks of two First Word artists - Kidkanevil and Eliphino. Both these Leeds lads come correct with Eliphino's being a bit 2 Step UK Garage and Kidkanevil's sounding every bit the glitchiness we've come to expect from him.

My favourite track is YULT's Sub Remix of 'The Shock You Heard'. It's full-on wonky, crunchy, headnod stuff - awesome.

The surprise track here is not a remix at all. It's a cover/mash-up. Natural Self has taken the vocals from Radiohead's 'Street Spirit' and the music sampled by DJ Shadow on 'Organ Grinder' and put them together - surprisingly nice, although depressing as you would expect of a Radiohead song. Natural Self says this about the track: “I originally did this on a whim - it's one of my favourite Radiohead tunes. It was going round in my head one day and I realised it actually fits with the tune that DJ Shadow sampled for "Organ Donor". Mmm, good idea for a mash up I thought. I then immediately realised I don't like mash ups. I'm a snob like that. So one Sunday afternoon I set about doing it over from scratch. I liked the way it came out so I played it to Tru Thoughts’s A&R Robert Luis. We decided I should give it the proper treatment. I re-played the organ, re-did the vocal and laced the drums sampling a recording from an unreleased Broken Keys session. This is how it came out.” This will also be released on the Tru Thoughts Limited Edition vinyl series ‘Black Gold’.

'My Heart Beats' is released on 16th August on Tru Thoughts.

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