Tuesday, 20 July 2010

'Trading Standards Remixes' - SonnyJim (review)

Is this SonnyJim's best release to date? Somewhere between maybe and probably. 'Trading Standards Remixes' is a choice selection of 10 tracks from more than twice that amount of tracks originally on the mixtape, and that's with two new tracks which aren't remixes. Listening to this you get the impression that this is no afterthought, rather the mixtape was the taster and this is the actual album.

10 tracks is a good thing in my books, not too long, not too short and with the variety on offer here there is no chance of boredom whatsoever. With sounds ranging from Lotek's Reggae remix of 'Mission Statement' to Kelakovski's signature sound gracing his version of 'Dynamite' featuring Verb T and Metropolis to the stripped down but straight up Hip Hop of Sivey's remix for 'Next Generation (love that bass!) this truly is a remix album, not just a load of acapellas over beats that sound the same as the originals. Shears brings the muddy and lethargic funk on opener 'Triumph of the Little Guy' and M-Phazes provides his big sound the the huge line up of Jehst, Cappo and SonnyJim on 'God Complex. Jon Phonics is as moody as ever with his hybrid of real instrumentation and synths on 'On All Cylinders' and Kelakovski takes a different direction with 'Stack Ps' - I'd say it's closely akin to Dubstep. Musn't forget Kosyne's feel good vibes on 'Running Late' on which The I.R.S and Sonny really smash it.

The new tracks are 'Just Spit' featuring Unfriendly Neighbours with punchy production from Wizard and 'Dunbar's Number' produced by 184.

'Trading Standards Remixes' is available from all over including Play.com, Tesco, Amazon and itunes as a digital download but the CD can be bought for a mere £5 from the Eat Good Records website.

According to the press blurb 'this is the first in a slew of SonnyJim releases set to drop this year. Be on the lookout for the 'Psychonaut' LP out on Australian label Obese Records in October 2010. Also SonnyJim/Sleaze EP 'Working Mnemonics' and SonnyJim/Apatight LP 'Magnum Opus' will be coming soon.'

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