Friday, 30 July 2010

What's Worth Hearing Today? Part 2 (free downloads and reviews)

Roots Manuva has met Wrongtom and made a tune called 'Jah Warrior'. It's really cool - I love a bit of Mr. Manuva and this Wrongtom fella seems pretty dope too. They've also done a couple of remixes; one of 'Buff Nuff' called 'Rebuff' and I think it's a greater than the original, especially in the chorus. 'Bashment Boogie' also gets tickled with the remix stick and 'Basement Bogle' is definitely rather bogling - good stuff. Buy.

UK Hip Hop artist QRED has joined up with US MC Brandeesh, looped up some apocalyptic beats and got busy with the darkness in a most admirable way. 'Raise The Levelz' has those big sonics that every Hip Hop fan really hankers after. You can download three tracks fro free - but only if you then keep your ear to the underground for more.

Leaf Dog has roped in the rest of 3 Amigos, Jimmy Raygun and Deadline on this Naive produced banger to tell us to do it 'Right Now'. Usual madness from these boys ensues.

Extra Curricular are the live Hip Hop band that Jack Flash fronts. They've put up a couple of free downloads on their blog. There's 'Don't Stop' and 'Where The Problem Lies' - both great tracks with totally different vibes but a recognisable sound. Check them out some more please.

Byron, a UK MC who really deserves more shine, has put out a free EP called 'Hard Worker'. these tracks are billed as covers, you and I might see them as Byron using well known instrumentals and taking cues from the subject matter. The most recognisable tune, B.O.B.'s 'Airplanes', gets done to begin with and then before you get comfortable Byron coes in over Maniac's 'Boiler' - wow, versatile! the further 3 tracks couldn't be more different either - whatever you do, don't pigeon hole or limit this guy - he can do it all. Give it a proper listen.

JC is gearing for a new assault of releases on his own No Money Records. He's hooked up with Oddisee for lead single 'Ayo' which is a double time rhythm with a relentless horn section accompanied by Oddisee's laid back delivery. Malik from Moorish Delta 7 provides the vocals on the flipside 'Soul Search' - a real headnodder. Told ya Yorkshire had the heat. Preview both tracks here. Buy it here.

Have no idea where this came from but it's an awesome bit of instrumental Hip Hop from Kwestro called 'I'm Blowing Up'.

Here's something new from a new artists too: LnC offers up 'Take You On A Journey' for your delectation. See what you think, I think he's pretty nice with his - feeling all aspects of this track. Solid.

To finish with, check Kaos' new track 'Traffic Lights' - got time for this.

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