Tuesday, 20 July 2010

'Concrete Jungles' - Jonski (review)

Jonski may not be a name you’ve heard; I certainly hadn’t when I got this CD through the letterbox. I’m glad the postman decided he didn’t want this and I’m glad I picked it up and listened to it because it’s just the sort of Hip Hop I need.

‘Concrete Jungles’ is a 9 track release (not an album, EP, or mixtape – apparently, all of these) with a real positive outlook and a whole host of wholesome lyrics and funky beats courtesy of Danny Spice. With the socio-political musings of ‘Hall of Mirrors’ and the proposed solutions of ‘Concrete Jungles’ it’s clear that Jonski’s not just another MC following the same of track – he actually thinks and is himself on the record – he practices what he preaches on ‘Organic’.

If you want a copy I’d suggest you keep checking Suspect Packages since Disorda will definitely be stocking this. For now, hook up with Jonski on myspace and facebook.

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