Monday, 19 July 2010

'Publish or Perish' - Running Punch (review)

This weekend I enjoyed a spot of applying sealant around the bath. Now the job itself is probably one of the worst tasks known to mankind so that isn't why I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it because accompanying me were Running Punch with their new album 'Publish or Perish'.

Running Punch consist of "cunning rhyming rabbit Captain Bukioe" and "wholesome producer Sherlock Bones" and appear to hail from Brighton although I'm sure I heard Reading mentioned in there somewhere. The album is getting support from all over the shop so you'd best believe the hype.

The CD is a real fun outing into the everyday thinkings of an ordinary guy. Except this isn't everyday or ordinary - this is something refreshing because it's heavily dosed with a light hearted and fun outlook which means those everyday and ordinary things become entertaining - not something the average Hip Hop CD actually does nowadays; entertain.

You can try before you buy with this either at soundcloud, their facebook page and probably some other places too. You can then buy at various places including Suspect Packages and Rare Kind and click here to check out what you actually get for your money - cool!

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