Saturday, 31 July 2010

'Burning Down the Guest House' - Guest House (free download)

A regular on the Leeds Hip Hop scene as part of Blessed House, this non-Northerner is doing his own thing with 'Burning Down The Guest House'. Backed up with scratches a-plenty from DJ Analogue (both Blade and Rakim get cut up), production from Seizure and Pro P and sing song from Tash Williams.

With sonics ranging from Dubstep on 'Certified Skanker' to beautifully melodic pianos and strings accompanied by a classic break on opener 'Puzzle Ring' things don't get boring over the 5 tracks available here - each song has its own identity.

'Brown Nose' features a hefty chunk of a Gordon Brown speech accompanied by Guest House's political thoughts - you might find you agree with the sentiments. Wonder what he makes of the Lib Con government?

'Intro/Outro' is the only track produced by Pro P and the cut up soulful sample accompanied by pounding mid-range percussion certainly hammers the track home. As on all the tracks, Guest House rides the beat skilfully with unostentatious and authentically solid rhymes - no cheese.

'Burning Down The Guest House' is available now for free from Bandcamp. There are a few hard copies also so get in touch the G. House at his myspace page for one of those.

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