Thursday, 8 July 2010

'Honour Killing' - Nayben (review)

If you like your Hip Hop raw, hard and heavy then these days Yorkshire wouldn't be a strange place to find it. It's the turn of Just Cause Recordings to provide the latest slab of rock solid Rap.

MC Nayben and producer Cyber Ninja hook up for the double serving of 'Honour Killing' and 'Hard To Swallow' all presented on one 12" platter. Both tracks have a dark backdrop but are built up of entirely different elements making for a united pair of tunes that keep things interesting. Lyrically, Nayben has got the skills, no doubt. He sticks to his 'Honour Killing' concept like the proverbial glue and rides the beat like a... jockey?! 'Hard To Swallow' has a real upbeat percussion pattern which strangely works well with the menacingly deep strings in the background.

The recording issues of their 'Raw Cuts' compilation are no longer a problem - this is crystal clear, perfectly EQ'd and in my opinion, sounds so much better for being on wax.

Listen to samples of the tracks here then hop over to Suspect Packages or the Just Cause shop to purchase yourself a copy.

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