Saturday, 3 July 2010

'Sticksman' - Skitz (review)

Well it’s been a while, but he’s definitely back. ‘Sticksman’ is the return of the signature Skitz sound – reggae-inspired Hip Hop productions featuring the best of the best UK MCs. Sounds like an easy formula, right? But can anyone else do it like this? Simply, no.

The intro to this album is what all intros should be – a thing so full of hype that you’ll be fired up to hear the rest of the LP. Then the album’s first single ‘Struggla’ bubbles in, encapsulating the entire sound of the album as Rodney P, Kardinal Offishal and Skibbadee hit up the booth for this transatlantic banger. Harry Shotta, Iron Braydz and Brotherman ride a chipmunked Joan Baez sample (‘Slaves’) and the socio-political theme continues – one of my favourites here.

‘Rumble’ is different yet again with its pounding percussion and club-orientated vocals from Dynamite MC. Skitz dares to be different with this one as the result is a very memorable track. ‘Rebel Stands’ features another Joan Baez sample – who’d’ve thunk it eh? It follows in the veins of ‘Slaves’ but this time Mr. Ti2bs provides the raps. Rodney P mans the glitchy ‘Left’ – the chorus on this one will have you shouting along for sure.

‘Rainy Day Science’ featuring Taskforce and Juni is another stand-out track. This one samples yet more folky music (Kathy Mattea) and Farma G and Chester P come correct over the slow-paced beat. This album’s ‘Requiem of the Gods’ features Foreign Beggars main man Orifice Vulgatron, Mr. Ti2bs, Dynamite MC and Harry Shotta – watch the beat switch up for each MC.

Skitz even had the balls to throw in some autotune on ‘Never’ featuring Rodney P and Solo Banton alongside probably the best bassline on the album. Darrison rides different vibes on the piano-led intro of ‘Music Is My Life’ before it pops off into a jaunty orchestral reggae tinged party track.

Overall this album is about two things: how hard everyday life can be but how much fun you can have despite that. It’s a perfect mix of subject matter and Skitz’s production is just unrivalled in this scene. A big album, and one that you should own and will enjoy immensely! Buy it now from Suspect Packages and anywhere else that comes up when you search on google.

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