Friday, 30 July 2010

What's Worth Hearing Today? Part 1 (free downloads and reviews)

Check these things out:

'Genic Riddim' ft. Skamma & Joe Blow - Stagga - very heavy, dubstep-ish, stripped back, bare and banging.

'Close Reminder' (clean) - Wio-K - beautiful sunshine music from a guy who understands quality control.

'My Estate' ft. Stat Quo - Jaycee Payaso - more sunny production from Sermstyle, raps from the Shady soldier and skilled tones from Jaycee - the next Akon? Maybe. Taken from his mixtape 'Sing City' hosted by DJ Rockstar DevonDJ(Bumsquad), featuring Vado (UN/Dipset), Lil Chuckee, (Young Money), Yung Berg (Epic) + more, with exclusive production from Sermstyle Wiz Khalifa & Young Buck. Mixtape coming August 8th. 'Honour Amongst Thieves' featuring Vado ain't bad either.

If you've still not picked up Klashnekoff's 'Back To The Sagas' then here's something to whet your appetite: 'Somebody Tell Me' featuring Wretch 32 and K9. It's a thoughtful and soulful track with strong contributions from each MC - still love Wretch.

You may not have heard of Cookbook and Uno Mas (I had) but they've got a song with Evidence of Dilated Peoples (one of my favourite Hip Hop groups) called 'When You Rock and Roll' and it's pretty dope. I'd say it's not Evidence's strongest performance (but he's made it hard for himself with some of his past raps) but Cook and Uno both come very correct so check it. It's taken from their album 'C & U Music Factory' which can be picked up on itunes.

Dels has a single out on Big Dada and it's pretty mental - as you'd expect of a Big Dada release. Dirty electronica backs up this UK MC's figurative and imaginative rhymes - it's hot and it's called 'Shapeshift' and it's produced by Joe Goddard of Hot Chip. Buy it now, innit.

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