Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Associated Minds

Big up to Mayor from Associated Minds, the Welsh Hip Hop label currently impressing fans and journos alike with their roster of artists. He got in touch a few weeks ago and has since provided me with some goodies. And best believe, this is one email and package I was very glad to get!

One of the goodies was 'Metaphysical', the LP from producer Metabeats. This has been garnering great praise from all the big UKHH publications and websites and I only didn't have it because I'm really poor at the moment! It's an awesome album and I may follow this up with a proper review but right now I thought I'd let you look at the proper professionally made videos for two of the albums biggest tracks. 'Live and Let Live' is definitely my favourite track on the album whereas the video for 'F**k with Me' is an absolute killer - big up Ryan Andrews for these:

If those tunes tickle your fancy then get steppin' to somewhere that sells it and buy it! Look out for more mentions of Associated Minds, they're going to do all right for themselves! Here's a taster of what they do (these downloads also available on their myspace page):

Metabeats - Live and let Live
MudMowth - The Most Colourful Years
Beatbox Fozzy - Tuna Fish ft. Willo Wispa

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