Monday, 30 June 2008

Dizzee/Calvin @ G'bury

You know you've gotta love this: Two of the most relevant artists of today together on one track - 'Dance Wiv Me' (awful spelling I know). It follows the trend of British rappers using housey production to break new markets but SMASHES the opposition; it's the first legitimate, viable track of this genre and when everyone's tired of the craze, this will probably stand the test of time.

If you didn't already check out the Mitchell Brothers' 'Michael Jackson' (remix produced by Harris) then you should do. It's part of the evolution from British Rap to Nu-UK House Hop.

In nearly completely unrelated news: this ridiculous Malaysian guy singing 'Billie Jean' on Malaysian Idol.

And the live, acoustic version of 'Dance Wiv Me' at Glastonbury:

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