Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Summer's Shaping Up

With Summer showing it's face early at the beginning of May in Britain I got my yearly craving to create the perfect CD for summer cruising, BBQ's and step-sitting. Last year the CD was a beast and combined favourite summery tunes past and present (well, present at the time) but this year has to be something completely new. I may post up last year's tracklist at some point but for now I'd like to chat about how this year's is shaping up.

One of the main tunes features a group who have previously had a prominent track in my summer listening. You'll remember 'Aww Naw' by Nappy Roots, and I hope you remember it as fondly as I do. Well this year they've hooked up with Greg Street to bring us 'Good Day'. Any given day, you listen to this and I can almost vouch for the fact that you'll have a good day! This is the new 'It Was A Good Day' (from last years CD). Even the instrumental without the lyrics is just as if long evenings, cold beers and beaches have been converted to soundwaves and burnt to a CD!

The Game's new track is also going to feature. It's called 'Game's Pain', features Keyshia Cole and is bound to be a hit. I'll admit right now, I'm a proper fan of The Game, both his albums have been brilliant (just listen to his last one in the summer, tracks like 'California Vacation', 'Let's Ride' and 'Too Much' are custom-made for dropping your hood or at least winding your window down). This one is much in the same vein - West Coast Riding music that is ALL about the bass as The Game reminisces about Hip Hop's past. He also extends his name dropping beyond the confines of N.W.A although don't worry, they don't go without a mention!

Other tracks that shall certainly feature are 'Once Upon A Time' by Sincere and Natty, 'Futuristic' from Million Dan and 'Yesterday' by Atmosphere.

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