Monday, 23 June 2008

Motown Goodness

I've been putting together a playlist together for my wedding reception (can't trust no other DJ) and have been listening to a load of disco, funk and soul in the process as I search through my records, CD's and hard drive. There is so much old music that is just so brilliant and Motown were a top class purveyor of such brilliance. I've chosen 5 songs that are just some of my favourites from the Motown back catalogue:

I bought this on 7" on one of my last charity shop crawls. I didn't really know the song before then but I love it now. It switches from a slow, sensual soul track to an uptempo disco track, the latter part has been sampled by Will Smith. There's some interesting history too; Ross didn't want to record this.

I love this song because of the Phi-Life Cypher track, 'Free'. The sample DJ Nappa actually used on that was from a the original version of this track by The Moody Blues. This version is great too.

Nuff said? Reminds me of Jackie Chan in Rush Hour. DJ Nappa has also used Edwin's 'Yeah' from this song. 'What is it good for?' It's a good question.

First brought to my attention by Monie Love and my dad tried to convince me the chorus was sung by a man. Obviously Monie Love's version was sung by a woman but the original, which my dad was referring to, was sung by a man! This is classic stuff.

Wow! What a track. My friends had this as their first dance at their wedding a few weeks back. That intro is just so forceful, it really is just pent up sexual frustration in musical form! Think I'll be having this at my wedding too in a few weeks time.

Hold tight for more posts including album reviews, some turntablism and any other random stuff that takes my fancy as I traverse the musical roads of life.

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Anonymous said...

Great selections...but a quick correction....The Moody Blues did the original and The Four Tops the cover. Michael Pinder of the Moodies wrote the song and it is one of my favorites from the band.