Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Kasha remixes Estelle

You should hear Kasha. If not only for his brilliant remake/remix of Estelle's 'American Boy' which is entitled 'American Girl'. He takes off Kanye's lazy slurring brilliantly (uh-ohh that was lazy -x2 brilliants, ah well) but adds his own precise delivery to the mix.

He also has an EP in the pipelines called 'Wildheart' and you can hear the title track of this here. He's also done a track inspired by Rick Ross' 'Hustling' also called 'Hustling' (that's the second take off of that I've featured this week). The boy's got skills for real so dip your toes.

He's also just recorded a track named 'You Have A Choice' as a theme song for an upcoming, anti-knives-on-streets event held at the Emirates Stadium. This is an issue I have some views on so expect a post soon about the UK media's latest pet topic - knife crime. I can't say too much right now but the point is, the government are getting it all wrong - no surprises there for some people but I am not usually of that opinion!

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