Monday, 9 June 2008

Bubbz aka Chief!

Bubbz (Yeah, me neither) has got a new tune out. It's called 'Money' and it does start off with money sounds like the Pink Floyd one, but from then it's something altogether new and fresh. This guy has toured with Sway and you can tell why, although he's not a copycat they belong in the same bracket of Nu-Brithop (did I just invent a new sub-genre name?).

Bubbz doesn't exactly bemoan the fact that he has no money but in a light hearted way, he stipulates that a fatter wallet would be nice. The chorus is on the double time, whisper tip and is really honest; 'I'm a fiend for the money, dreaming of money'. The first line explains the theme well: 'I can't keep up the lies that I'm telling to my self//Look into the mirror saying I don't need that wealth'. We all need money and we all do what we can do get it. Word.

There's also a remix to fit in with the newest trend of rapping to dance music. It doesn't really give Wiley or Lethal B a run for their money but it's still banging.

You should also check out his last single which notably, loops The Cure's 'Lovecats'. It's called 'Be Easy' and is really good. Check out Bubbz's crazy dancing too.

Bubbz - Money
Bubbz - Money Remix
Bubbz - Be Easy


Anonymous said...

This song is really terrible...put the mic downn slow and careful bro. No flow or lyrics!

Anonymous said...

nah this is fresh!